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Annual Appreciation Dinner On Sunday evening, October 31, the Foundation hosted its 33rd appreciation dinner at Willow Brook. Don Emery, secretary and executive director was honored with the Milam Joseph Hope for Humanity Award for his decades of service to Catholic education and over 30 years of service to the Tyler Catholic School Foundation. Madonna honorees were the Lou and Judy Chaump Family and the Elias Joseph Family. For the first time, students from St. Gregory served alongside Gorman student ambassadors to greet our many supporters. Also, a first, the Gorman student orchestra performed for the dinner reception preceding the dinner. Guests were delighted with the outstanding performance. Later in the program, President Collin Maloney invited their director, Tina Beason, to stand and be recognized. Joining us for the evening was our beloved Bishop, who graciously offered the dinner blessing. Bishop Strickland also recognized Gorman principal Jim Franz for his commitment and dedication to Bishop T. K. Gorman for over 19 years. Mr. Franz will be retiring after this school year.