Give Later

In supporting the Tyler Catholic School Foundation, you are giving a gift that lives forever. For everyone who cares deeply about the value of Catholic education, there may be no greater gift.

The Foundation encourages and accepts gifts of cash, securities or other assets at any time. In addition to current gifts, the Foundation has established opportunities for support through the Legacy Society, a planned giving society for those interested in making an estate gift.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is the ultimate gift.

Planned giving donors have the satisfaction of knowing that their gifts will live in perpetuity, with income from their gifts continually benefitting the students of St. Gregory Cathedral School and Bishop T. K. Gorman Regional Catholic School.

Donors who include the Tyler Catholic School Foundation in their wills, trusts, insurance policies or other forms of estate planning will be included as members of the Tyler Catholic School Legacy Society.

If you are considering a planned gift, we encourage you to consult with your legal and tax advisors to determine the best vehicle for you, your family and your charitable interests.

Planned and testamentary gifts

The Tyler Catholic School Foundation’s planned giving program encompasses all forms of gifts whose benefits do not fully accrue to TCSF until some future time, such as the death of the donor or other beneficiaries.

Bequest and trust distributions

Gifts from a will or distributions from a trust may be made payable to the Tyler Catholic School Foundation.

A will or trust should include the following information:

  • *The name of the Tyler Catholic School Foundation, a Texas nonprofit corporation
  • *The purpose of the gift. Unless otherwise specified, the gift will be presumed to be unrestricted

*Insurance policies and proceeds

Donors may either:

  1. transfer ownership of paid-up policies or premium-due policies to the Foundation or
  2. make the Foundation beneficiary of a policy, retaining ownership. If ownership is transferred, the Foundation shall have all rights of ownership, including rights to maintain, surrender or sell the policy.

Contact the Foundation office at  903-526-5988 ( to discuss options for donation of insurance policies.

*Retirement assets

The Tyler Catholic School Foundation accepts designation of benefits payable from retirement assets such as IRA, 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing, pension or other types of retirement plans.

Methods for gifting retirement assets include:

  • *naming TCSF as beneficiary or contingent beneficiary for all or part of the retirement assets
  • *naming a charitable remainder trust as beneficiary of the account with TCSF as the remainder beneficiary and non-charitable heirs as income beneficiaries